Keith and I are picking up to move to Pécs, Hungary for one year. He has never been to Europe and the furthest east I've been is Switzerland.... Our Hungarian language skills are...well, we know some phrases. Come follow us on our adventure!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Swiss Adventures

In 2005, whilst studying abroad in Spain, I visited Switzerland for a long weekend. I felt like I was frollicking around a Disney princess movie, minus the wicked witch/queen/bad guy. I kept saying, "I want to be in love here."

Keith and I spend our Fall Holiday traveling about Switzerland. And even when a bird landed on my head and Keith belched-spoke to me....it was still ridiculously romantic and wonderful...I think the Swiss Alps are at fault for that.

Views of the Swiss Alps from the airplane

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  1. By the way, this post really brings out the best in me. Thanks.