Keith and I are picking up to move to Pécs, Hungary for one year. He has never been to Europe and the furthest east I've been is Switzerland.... Our Hungarian language skills are...well, we know some phrases. Come follow us on our adventure!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I bought this small bottle of pálinka for two reasons:

1. It is called "Meggy Pálinka" (my namesake)
2. It was being sold at this really cute stand and the woman was helping me with my Hungarian

Really, "meg" is in what feels like every single Hungarian word. This billboard is ALL over Pécs...it's "Meglett" the Piglet version of me...obviously (actually, I don't know what this ad is for)

One aspect I love about Hungary is that most people let me try to speak Hungarian--when I've been in Spain or other places, as soon as someone realizes I speak English--they switch to English. Here people let me and help me stumble through the Hungarian language--and are patient and super helpful...thank you, Hungarian people :)

Today Keith and I stumbled upon a market in one of the main plazas of Pécs. There were people selling and showing their trades/crafts (wood working, yarn dying, wine making, pálinka, different foods, etc)

Yarn dying

Guy making a bowl....and I still don't know how to rotate video...

Hungarian Choir


  1. I'm so glad that they let you use your Hungarian. I agree, it is quite frustrating when they speak English right away because they want to practice! BTW..I love the background you have on your blog. It's like a cool watercolor painting. :)

  2. It's a sign! Your name everywhere :D So much fun!