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Monday, September 6, 2010

Caterpillars, playdough, and biting

Today, my students and I worked on the days of the week. This morning I taught them the days of the week (to the tune of "Oh, my Darling Clementine")

There are seven days there are seven days
There are seven days in a week

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday Saturday...

and so on...we add a number to the calendar (like today is the 6th, we added the number 6). And then we count from the first of the month to today's date. To go along with this theme, we read "The Hungry Caterpillar" (one of my favorite books)

Somewhere in this mix, one of my students bit me--I bled. From what it sounds like, this is some sort of "initiation" for everyone at my kindergarten.

Whenever I think my students are being mean to each other (or to me), it's rather difficult to know because they all speak Hungarian and my Hungarian is rather, well, limited to say the least. (I'm teaching them English--full on immersion). Between this fact and being kicked, pinched, hit, and bit today....I was feeling rather discouraged.

The lovely Bea (Bay-aa), another English teacher, suggested that tomorrow we make caterpillars in arts&crafts time to go along with the story. When I got home I decided that we are going to color two pears for our caterpillar.

FACT: I drew these pears (I am very proud)

We will color the pears, cut them out and create our caterpillars. I hope 5 year olds have the motor skills to do such things...I mean, they do okay cutting playdough (no idea why this is entertaining to them, but cool) so hopefully these skills transfer.

The finished product will look something similar to this...

...hopefully there are no accidents or intentional accidents...

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  1. I dig cutting playdough, too...I think there must be something to that...