Keith and I are picking up to move to Pécs, Hungary for one year. He has never been to Europe and the furthest east I've been is Switzerland.... Our Hungarian language skills are...well, we know some phrases. Come follow us on our adventure!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hungarian Hatha Yoga (Joga)

This evening Eszti and I went to yoga--it was absolutely phenomenal...even though Eszti had to translate pretty much everything for me before and after the class.

In preparation for the class, I learned some body parts. This is my favorite:

Head: fej
Leg: láb
foot: lábfej (leg-head)

I also like the word for lungs: tüdö

Whilst in class, I learned "baba pose" (not sure on spelling) which is child's pose what and "lélegzik" which means "breathe"--I thought just gik (based on what I heard) was breathe, but I looked it up for its proper spelling and discovered I was missing two other syllables. :-)

With vocabulary and interactions, I often feel like a 2 year old in the mind of an adult

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  1. How wonderful! To feel like a child in your adult mind :) This class sounds like a blast!