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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I assumed I'd be unable to fulfill my wanderlust desires post returning to the U.S....oh, how wrong I have been...

Ten days after returning to the U.S. (and driving back and forth between New Haven and Keith's parents' house to retrieve our belongings), I flew to Greenbay, WI to visit my parents in Sisterbay.  I spent a few lovely sweltering days there before my mom and I drove the 5.5 hours to Byron, IL.  After being in Byron for not even 24 hours, my dad flew us to Southern Illinois.
Jim Black & his beloved airplane

Bringing Debbie out of the hanger
 Let's face it - Jim Black is awesome.  He loves my mother to a degree that is almost obnoxious (they've been married for 29 years now), owns his own law firm, has his pilot's license, and is a huge nerd - which fulfills my nerdiness when I can't find said fulfillment elsewhere.  I think he is brilliant....

It's been several years since I flew with him - I was THRILLED!  And then....the airplane wouldn't start.  No big deal, the battery was dead - we just had it jumped like a car.  Like a car we don't need the battery once the plane is started.  It'was rather exciting.  :)
The beloved Debbie / Bonanza

Greenville, IL airport
When this photo is zoomed in a ton - my grandparents' car is visible.  They came to see us off.  P.R., my maternal grandfather, LOVES that my dad lands at the airport three miles from the grandparents' house.  Since my grandmother stopped cooking - which therefore means you are no longer at risk of diabetes type two just by visiting - my dad loves flying down and visiting.  My mom, my dad, and I had a great time visiting the maternal grandparents....age and dementia have a very humanizing effect on people - which as a grandchild, is a really important aspect of life to experience. 

When my dad flew my mom and I back to Byron...we didn't quit make it all the way there.  About 15 minutes out from the airport, my dad said that there was a line of thunderstorms in between us and the airport - at this point I was about to vomit everywhere....so Trisha B and I opted to land.  My dad flew the rest of the way (he found a tunnel between the storms) and then drove an hour to pick my mom and I up and then drove us home. 

Five days later I had the honor of driving my tiny red car 17 hours back to New Haven, CT...alone.

I know I haven't been in the U.S. for even a month yet - which means this sentiment will probably change soon - but I look forward to not having to move again for a long time....

...I give this feeling another month or two...

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