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Thursday, April 28, 2011

In sLOVEnia

I loved Slovenia...and loved in a different way than I loved Prague.  Prague was wonderful to visit and I hope to go back a thousand plus times, but it's too overrun with tourists so I don't think I could live there....I think I could live in Slovenia.

3 castles, 3 days

Printing Press inside the courtyard of the Lake Bled Castle
Island Church on Lake Bled.  View from Bled Castle
 The city Bled is known for a cake--with a name I do not remember.  It is amazing and I more or less had to unhinge my jaw like a snake to eat it.  Jim Krapanc has a photo of this, which I will post here once he sends it to me.  The Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia...believed to be built around 1000 C.E.  The view is amazing.  The lake's only island has a church--it's a lovely view.  No motorized boats are allowed on the lake so not to disturb the swans or trout.  (and to avoid pollution)
City of Bled & its lake

Ljubljana Castle
The Ljubljana castle, like most other castles, is at the top of what seems like the steepest hill in the area.  It was a good walk for Keith and I....who had been eating different Slovenian cakes since we arrived.  The inside court yard have two restaurants and some of the rooms have been converted into art galleries.  

Maribor Castle
Keith and I drove through Maribor with plans to poke about the city on our way home.  Since it was Easter Monday, EVERYTHING was closed.  It was surprising...we walked around the castle here though.  Maribor also is home to Europe's oldest grape vine.  It's about 400 years old.  We did not get to taste wine from this particular vine however.  Next time.

I enjoyed Lake Bled, but I preferred Lake Bohinj, which is about 20km from Lake Bled.  It is less touristy.  Here we had some ice cream and spent about two hours skipping rocks.  It was wonderful.

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  1. I am eagerly awaiting pictures of this cake! :)