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Friday, December 24, 2010

Ladybird Christmas Party

As much as I complain about my students for biting me or their mom trying to get me and my co-teachers fired, I am really, really proud of them. They've learned a lot and I get so excited when things seem to "click" for them...particularly speaking in complete sentences (in English). December 17th was our Christmas party...it was really nice.

After I was about to have the kids help me decorate the tree, I learned that the kids don't see the tree until it is decorated it. The angels bring and decorate the Christmas tree...the kids usually don't see it until Christmas Eve. So basically, I almost ruined Christmas for them....oops.

I baked over 100 sugar cookies and made frosting so we could decorate cookies as a class. It was so cute.

We learned that Emma has the biggest sweet tooth...we had to throw a few cookies out because she kept licking the frosting off of them. Gina, one of the other teachers, caught her licking frosting off the floor that someone had dropped.

Gréta and Zsófi decorated all of their cookies with pink frosting. Zsófi helped me make the frosting earlier that morning.

Zozó is really good with drawing details...he outlined each one of his cookies.
It was really cute.

Dani used all of his frosting on about 3 cookies (you can hear me saying something along the lines of not using so much frosting). And then he was bored in about two minutes, which is why there aren't any photos of him.

In the evening of December 24th (or in the case of our party, December 17th), someone rings a bell to let everyone know we can see what the angels brought. People enter the room singing the song you hear in the video clip...sparklers on the tree are also traditional (I thought the school was going to burn to the ground). At the end of the video clip, my students are singing "Jingle Bells" while Keith plays guitar.

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