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Monday, October 11, 2010

Escaping Goats and other Zoo Creatures

On one of our Saturday adventures, Keith and I found ourselves at the zoo...completely by mistake (it's in the middle of the woods). We weren't going to go - I wanted to keep hiking and I had no interest in seeing sad animals, but Keith really wanted to...and there were monkeys.

It was an awesome zoo. And the goats kept escaping like it was no big deal. I tried to befriend them - they could have nibbled on my jacket, but apparently the goats of Hungary aren't social with strangers.

Although the goats snubbed me at first, I did get to pet one:

Some other highlights include:

I didn't even have to zoom in on this picture. The meerkats have a pretty awesome set-up at the zoo...it winds around with these faux and real sand hills and lots of underground tunnels. (The faux hills are the walls to their home/cage thing--the tunnels connect to different places where they can pop out and play) This gent was keeping guard while the other meerkats fought/played.

Some of my other favorites included the exhibit of the family of raccoons--Keith and I wanted to add to the information, "food: household garbage" "enemies: cars, rabies"

Also, I found this sign on the weasel cage hilarious.

Mommy monkey with baby on her back :-)

Hippos are freaking HUGE...this was my first time seeing them.

AND I got to see the hippos swim!!!

Honestly, I felt like all of the animals could escape at any second. They had excellent cages--large, lots of entertainment things--none of the animals looked sad...it just looked like they could easily escape. Perhaps this is why the zoo is in the woods... :-)

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  1. I love this post!! Those hippos look so huggable and lovable!!!

    In other news, visiting Hungary in December is much more economical than visiting New Zealand. The only thing I'm playing with is the fact that I am pretty sure I'm going to Germany in June, so I thought I'd be able to visit you then...in the summer! :) Perhaps I could visit you twice!

    I will go look at flights right now!